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Farming Worker Jobs In New Zealand

Farming Worker Jobs In New Zealand
Farming Worker Jobs In New Zealand

Farming Worker Jobs In New Zealand In this article, we look at the various factors to consider when looking for Farming Worker jobs in New Zealand. We also look at the required Pre-employment training, Skills shortages, Cost of working in New Zealand, and Career prospects. We conclude with some suggestions for aspiring farm workers. Hopefully, these tips will help you to make an informed decision. We wish you a successful journey! So, get ready for a new career!

Pre-employment training

Agricultural and forestry workers make about $36,300 a year on average. New apprentices and inexperienced workers will likely be paid the training wage at the start of their careers. Statistics from Statistics NZ’s Census show that a high percentage of graduates are in employment three years after graduating, and only a handful are employed overseas after two years. The median salary two years after graduation is $46,000.

In order to fill the need for these workers, agricultural and rural technical schools partner with private and public school districts to provide education and training for those seeking jobs in agriculture and horticulture. The ITO Agriculture’s Dairy Cadet Programme offers academic credentials to young dairy farmers while they are working as assistants, herd managers, and contract milkers. The programme has no age restrictions and is available across the country.

Skills shortages

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment regularly reviews its list of occupations to determine whether they meet a specific skill level and need to be filled. The list takes into account factors such as difficulty finding a local workforce, training plans for the industry, and administrative data. Currently, there are several occupations on the list that are experiencing a skills shortage. If you have the skills to fill one of these positions, you may want to consider moving to New Zealand.

There are currently a few measures to address the skills shortage. The proposed measures focus on the agriculture and horticulture sectors and meat and dairy processing, but they do not cover the fishing, forestry, and other food and fibre sectors. The proposed actions will be updated annually, as are the results of the survey. The Primary Industries Skills Leaders Working Group has also developed a food and fibre skills action plan.

Career prospects

Agriculture is one of the leading industries in New Zealand, employing thousands of people and contributing significantly to the country’s overseas trade. The agriculture, forestry, and fishing industry accounted for the largest share of enterprises in New Zealand in 2021. Listed below are some of the common farming worker jobs and career prospects. These jobs may not require formal education. In addition, many of these positions require on-the-job training.

According to the MBIE, the median annual income for farm and forestry workers in New Zealand is $36,300. Inexperienced workers and apprentices may start out at a lower salary, as they are likely to work under a training wage. Nonetheless, the majority of graduates find employment within three years of graduation, with only a few entering overseas. And, the median salary of those working in the sector two years after graduation is about $46,000.

Cost of working in New Zealand

There are many benefits to working in agriculture and forestry in New Zealand. In addition to having a steady paycheck, many jobs require a certain skill set. These professionals are often outdoors, and work around hazardous machinery. The average salary for a farm and forestry worker is around $36,300 per year. New apprentices and inexperienced workers will start at a lower wage. The government subsidises the cost of apprenticeships, which are usually quite affordable. For young people, pre-employment programmes at polytechnics can be helpful.

Another big drawback of working in agriculture is the lack of connectivity. Many people struggle to move to rural areas, away from their family, friends, and support network. An increase in wages is hoped to attract more people to the farming sector. However, the reality is somewhat different. Although New Zealand’s climate is temperate, workers can expect to spend eight to 10 hours a day working in the fields. A few days in bed can relieve sore muscles, but the long hours could leave them with less energy and fewer friends.

List Positions:-

Jobs TitlesLocationsApply Link
Tree Nursery Worker – SouthlandSouthlandapply
Broccoli & Lettuce HarvestNorth Canterburyapply
Nursery Worker Needed – Gisbornete karakaapply
Bag StackerRakaiaapply
Tree Nursery Worker Needed – Waikatosouth waikatoapply
Calf RearerAshburtonapply
Farm Hand/farm AssistantAshburtonapply
Vegetable GradingDunsandelapply
Kiwifruit Winter PruningTe Pukeapply
Kiwifruit Winter PruningTe Pukeapply
Broccoli & Lettuce HarvestNorth Canterburyapply
Calf Rearing/ Dairy Farm WorkColdstream, near Ashburtonapply
Milk Harvester/ Calf RearerOamaruapply
Farm AssistantMatamataapply
Hop Farm WorkTapawera, Nelsonapply
Hop TrainingTadmor Valley, Tapaweraapply
Dairy Farm AisstantKelsoapply
Calf RearerMaruia Valleyapply
Dairy Farm AssistantGoreapply
Dairy Farm Assistant10mins from Invercargillapply
Dairy Farm Assistant!Waitaki Plainsapply
General Farm HandTe Awamutuapply
Tree Nursery Worker – SouthlandSouthlandapply
Vegetable GradingDunsandelapply
Nursery Worker Needed – Gisbornete karakaapply
Tree Nursery Worker Needed – Waikatosouth Waikatoapply
Dairy Farm AssistantAshburtonapply
Dairy Farm AssistantTaupoapply
Dairy Farm AssistantCulverdenapply
Bag StackerRakaiaapply
Feeding CalvesDarfield 25min from Christchurchapply
Hop Garden – Wire StrainingKorere – Nelson Areaapply
Hop Farm – General HandTapawera / Korereapply
Assistant Calf Rearer Needed!Rakaiaapply
Calf RearerCulverdenapply
Dairy Farm AssistantsSouth Islandapply
New Season Calf RearersSouth Island & North Islandapply
Farm AssistantDuntroon, North Otagoapply
Dairy Farm Assistants WantedOtago/Southland Rolesapply
Farm AssistantNgateaapply
Salmon Fishing Farm WorkerTakakaapply
Calf Rearer/farm HandMethvenapply
Kiwifruit Nursery – Erlon LimitedCoromandelapply
Calf RearerTirauapply
Farm AssistantReporoaapply
Firewood Splitting And DeliveriesAucklandapply
Boysenberry Vine Work108 Shaw Rd Whakataneapply

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