Farming Workers Jobs in Australia

Farming Workers Jobs in Australia
Farming Workers Jobs in Australia

Finding Farming Workers Jobs in Australia

Farming Workers Jobs in Australia. The shortage of labor is a major issue for the Australian supply chain. No one wants to work in the agricultural sector, but governments have long masked the labor shortage as an ’emergency’. Now, the pandemic has uncovered the real problem. Fortunately, the labor shortage can be addressed quickly. It’s possible to find seasonal jobs through agencies or through work holiday visas. The following are just some of the many jobs available in the agricultural sector.

Poultry farm workers are responsible for raising crops

The duties of a poultry farm worker are varied. These people perform tasks such as feeding and checking birds. They may also help with poultry care and perform routine maintenance to the farm’s buildings and facilities. Poultry farm employees need to follow biosecurity standards when they enter the houses and work on different parts of the farm. To become a poultry farm worker, a high school diploma or equivalent is required. A vocational degree is recommended.

Farmers can reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses on farms by improving worker education and ensuring their equipment is safe. Workers are exposed to many hazardous conditions, including weather and climate, which can lead to heat stroke, dehydration and hypothermia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 21 per cent of farm workers die unintentionally. Even more people sustain major injuries. The proportion of older workers is even higher than that of younger workers.

Fruit pickers are paid an hourly wage or a by-piece rate

The Fair Work Commission has made it clear that employers must pay fruit pickers a minimum of $25 an hour. Underpayment of the minimum wage can result in penalties as high as $126,000. Underpayment can also lead to exploitation, with the majority of workers being migrants who are vulnerable to exploitation. And even the most productive pickers are not always given the minimum wage.

In Australia, the piece rate system is widely used by farmers who pay their workers a lower rate than other sectors of the industry. But an AWU amendment would allow a by-piece rate if it had an hourly wage floor. While piece rates are popular among farmers, they violate the principle of fair pay, as they make it easy for vulnerable workers to be exploited. In the absence of an hourly wage floor, it’s likely that the number of piece rate workers will increase, especially in the case of less productive workers.

Work holiday visas allow seasonal workers to work wherever they wish

Obtaining a Work Holiday Visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to a year, which is perfect if you’re looking to work in a seasonal industry while travelling around. This type of visa allows you to work in a variety of industries and locations, including tourism, agriculture, and hospitality. For a second Work and Holiday Visa, you will need to work in regional Australia or in an area code with a specific area code, as well as have a “specified job”.

When applying for a WHV, you’ll need to show the Australian Government’s Immigration Department that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Australia. While an immigration officer may not check your funds at the border, it’s always a good idea to show them that you have at least $5,000 in savings to cover your stay. If you plan to travel extensively, you may need a bit more. Australia isn’t cheap, so even $5,000 can quickly disappear.

Working agencies

A recent ABC Landline program featured Timorese workers who have been working in Australia for five years. They work on citrus, stone fruit, and almond farm called Mossmont Nurseries. The farm’s manager calls the workers his family, and describes the program as “brilliant”. He argues that it’s an aid to a developing country. But most Australians can’t get such a job.

Farming workers are often paid on a per-hour basis, and work conditions vary. Those looking for seasonal or short-term work should keep this in mind. In Australia, seasonal harvest work can earn up to $12,000 per year. For those who don’t want to work full-time in a particular area, there are several working agencies for farmers to consider. The best Employment agency in Stanthorpe is a good option.


Facebook is an incredible place to look for farming workers’ jobs in Australia. More farmers are now posting their job opportunities there, so it is a great way to connect with locals. You can also meet other backpackers, find out tips, and learn about backpacking life in Australia. Focus on groups related to your area. Facebook groups for backpackers will help you find fruit-picking jobs and other work. If you’re not local, try searching for farm jobs in your area.

List Of Positions For Farming Workers Jobs in Australia

Jobs titlesApplying Links
Farm AssistantApply & View
Production Assistants| Horticulture Summerland FarmApply & View
Farm Hand – Toowoomba FarmsApply & View
Poultry WorkersApply & View
Fruit & Veg Team MemberApply & View

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