Job Opening: Part-time Educator at Lululemon 2023

Part-time Educator
Part-time Educator

Job Opening: Part-time Educator at Lululemon 2023

Lululemon Canada is currently looking to hire a part-time Educator in Vancouver, Lululemon is a well-known global retailer that sells athletic clothing, especially for yoga and other active pursuits. Although Lululemon doesn’t typically have traditional part-time teaching positions, they have a unique program called “Lululemon’s Mindfulosophy.” This program hires and trains people to lead workshops and classes focused on mindfulness and personal development.

Being a part-time educator can be a rewarding and flexible career option. Part-time educators typically work fewer hours than full-time educators and often have the flexibility to choose their schedules based on their availability and the needs of the educational institution or organization they work for.

Part-time Education Job Vacancy detail

Company: Lululemon

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Employment type: Part-time

Salary: $18.25-$21.00 per hour

Job Description

As a part-time educator at Lululemon Canada, your main job is to make customers feel great by helping them with their shopping and promoting a healthy lifestyle. You will talk to customers, and give them advice and suggestions based on what they need. You’ll also help create a friendly and motivating atmosphere in the store, where customers feel welcome and inspired to reach their fitness and wellness goals.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Talking to Customers: Be friendly and approachable when talking to customers, listen to what they need, and give them advice about the products. Build good relationships with customers to make their shopping experience personal and special.
  2. Knowing the Products: Learn everything about Lululemon’s products, like what they’re made of, how they fit, and what they’re good for. Stay updated on the latest trends in fitness and wellness so you can give customers the right information.
  3. Making the Store Look Good: Help keep the store looking nice and organized. Put products on display in an attractive way. Help with restocking and organizing so that everything looks inviting for customers.
  4. Connecting with the Community: Get involved with local fitness and wellness groups. Go to events and meet people who might be interested in Lululemon. Share your love for an active lifestyle and inspire others to get involved too.
  5. Working with the Team: Work well with your fellow educators and store staff. Create a positive and friendly work environment. Take part in team meetings, share your ideas, and work together to make the store successful.
  6. Learning and Growing: Take advantage of the training and learning opportunities provided by Lululemon. Improve your knowledge about the products, develop better communication skills, and keep growing as a professional.


Passion for Fitness and Wellness: Show that you’re really excited about being active and living a healthy lifestyle. Know about different fitness activities and wellness practices.

Good Communication Skills: Be able to talk to customers in a friendly way and build good relationships with them. Use clear and effective communication, both when speaking and with body language.

Product Knowledge: Know all about Lululemon’s products, the materials they’re made of, and the design philosophy. Be eager to keep learning and stay updated on new products.

Customer Service Skills: Be committed to giving customers a great experience and making sure they feel good while shopping.

Team Player: Work well with others in a team, support your colleagues, and create a positive and inclusive environment.

Flexible and Adaptable: Be willing to work on different schedules, including weekends and holidays. Be ready to adapt to changes in the store and the needs of customers.

In summary, as a part-time educator at Lululemon Canada, your main focus will be on making customers happy by giving them helpful advice, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and building relationships. You’ll also help keep the store looking good, connect with the community, work well with your team, and keep learning and growing.

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